purchasing your villa

option 1

Purchase your villa and land.

This a straightforward purchase agreement between Blue Sky Living and the Client.

option 2

Purchase the villa and rent the land.

This allows the Client to rent the land for a minimum of one year after which the Client has the option to purchase the land or continue renting.

The option to purchase the land is available anytime after the first years rental period.

All cost options will be fixed and made available to the Client prior to any agreement being made.

furnishing your villa

option 1

The Client wishes to furnish their villa without assistance from Blue Sky Living.

option 2

Blue Sky Living can help you with the design of the interior space (furnishings etc) and/or the exterior space (garden and BBQ etc)

We have established a number of partners in and around the Zadar area who will provide high quality products at a blue sky living discounted price.

We have agreements in place with local businesses covering all interior home furnishing including lounge, bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and exterior furnishing including all garden products, swimming pool, BBQ and hot tub.

Their products are all on show to choose from and not only will they help with the design process, they will then be happy to deliver, fit, install and fix on your land and property.

Blue Sky Living will help you get what you want when you want it… we will be right alongside you on the path to your future happiness.